4 Benefits of Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident 

 July 17, 2023

By  Drs. David Hall & Troy Reistroffer

chiropracticHave you recently been involved in a car accident within the Southaven Mississippi area? If so, you should consider chiropractic care and the benefits it provides to help you recover.

Since the benefits to receiving chiropractic care are extensive, let’s take a look at the top four you can receive from your local chiropractor after being involved in an auto accident.

1. Control Your Pain

The first benefit of working with a chiropractor is to control your pain. Your local chiropractor will first do a full examination to determine what type of vertebral misalignments developed in your spine as a result of the accident.

Then, using very specific chiropractic adjustments, your chiropractor will shift your vertebrae back into the right position which, in return, helps alleviate stress, tension, and pain.

The chiropractor can also address knots in your muscles, ligament sprains, and other nerve compression issues that could be contributing to the discomfort you feel. If you would like to address your pain without using prescription medications, then a visit to your local chiropractor will be beneficial.

2. Reduce Inflammation

The second benefit of working with a chiropractor following a motor vehicle accident is that you can reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the natural response of the body to injuries and illnesses. While inflammation is a sign that your body is trying to heal itself, too much information can also lead to significant damage to your internal tissues.

A chiropractor uses adjustments to align your spinal column properly. This way your body has the ability to reduce the amount of inflammation it produces. By stopping inflammation, you’ll recover more quickly.

3. Break Up Scar Tissue

The third benefit to chiropractic care after a car accident is that it can assist in the break up of scar tissue that’s developed in your body from the injuries you sustained. When your internal tissues are damaged, your body often replaces these injured tissues with scar tissue.

Even though scar tissue is helpful, it is not as good as normal, healthy tissue. Scar tissue decreases your normal range of motion which limits your overall flexibility.

If scar tissue is causing discomfort, a chiropractor can use specific techniques that can help break up this tissue, allowing your body to heal faster. So make sure you work with your local chiropractor if you want to restore injured tissue back to a more healthy state.

4. Minimize the Risk of Complications and Side Effects

Finally, a chiropractor can also help you minimize complications and side effects following a motor vehicle accident. Even though you may be fearful that you may need surgery to overcome your pain, this is not necessarily the case.

Remember, surgery can lead to additional complications which is why it is better to focus on more natural recovery options.

Fortunately, a chiropractor uses treatment methods that focus on limiting complications and side effects while placing your body in its best position to recover naturally. While there are some situations where surgery might be required, this is not always the case. So make sure you work with your local chiropractor to help minimize your risk of side effects the natural way.

Work with a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident

These are just a few of the top benefits you will experience if you decide to work with a chiropractor following a car accident. Even though it can be stressful to go through a motor vehicle accident, there are professionals who are willing to help.

Since you should focus on recovering as quickly as possible, make sure you don’t wait to call your local chiropractor. If you don’t have one, please call Desoto Upper Cervical at (662) 393-4848.

We’re conveniently located at 1134 Church Rd W in Southaven, Mississippi, and specialize in helping people just like you overcome pain and the potentially damaging affects of a motor vehicle accident. So give us a call. We’re here to help!

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Drs. David Hall & Troy Reistroffer

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Drs. David Hall & Troy Reistroffer

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