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<p>Severe Migraines, TMJ, Neck, and Shoulder Pain All Gone After Trying Upper Cervical Care</p>
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Severe Migraines, TMJ, Neck, and Shoulder Pain All Gone After Trying Upper Cervical Care

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<p>Occipital Headaches, TMJ, and Sciatica All Eased Through Upper Cervical Care</p>
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Occipital Headaches, TMJ, and Sciatica All Eased Through Upper Cervical Care

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<p>Digestive Track System Issue Gone Through Upper Cervical Care</p>
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Digestive Track System Issue Gone Through Upper Cervical Care

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<p>How chiropractic care improved his back pain</p>
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How chiropractic care improved his back pain

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<p>Calvin Suggs - How chiropractic can help improve your blood pressure</p>
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Calvin Suggs - How chiropractic can help improve your blood pressure

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<p>Low back pain with sciatica</p>
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Low back pain with sciatica

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I used to have chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain but since I have been coming to DeSoto County Chiropractic it has all but disappeared! Drs. Reistroffer and Hall are so great. They have continued to work with me this past year to be pain free with no drugs. I have been to other chiropractors but never got the results I am getting now! The staff [Alison, Lori and April] are a pleasure to be around and very knowledgeable on everything from insurance to therapy. So glad I found DCC...
- Angels In Disguise
I originally started seeing Dr Reistroffer for general back pain caused from wrecks and athletics. At the time and for the past 12 years, I had suffered from chronic hives. It was horrible and constant, I had been to about a dozen doctors with various specialties all to no avail. One day Dr Reistroffer saw a hive on my foot and convinced me to go off all meds for that issue, I did and it was horrible at first but we continued to work together and finally discovered I was allergic to vegetable oil, yep, something so simple! I now monitor my diet and have NO HIVES! Life is so amazing now an to top it off he also straightened out 2 curves in my spine so no back pain either! He treated all of me, not just my back.
- Life Changing Doctors
Two months ago I came to see Dr. Reistroffer. I was having excruciating pain in my lower back and left hip.

This "flare-up" is the result of an old injury. Years ago, I refused surgery and did not want to be addicted to pills that were being prescribed. I found chiropractic care to be the most viable and effective alternative. With this recent 'flare-up", I had nowhere to turn, a friend recommended Dr. Troy. I am forever grateful!
After the first few treatments, the acute pain was gone. Over the course of my therapy the pain left, there is no soreness, and my normal walking gait has returned. I am so thankful.

Dr. Troy and Dr. Hall, along with their staff are a blessing to me. I got the relief I was so desperate for and found friends along the way.

Thanks folks!
- What  a Blessing!
I started treatments back in January, prior to seeing Dr. Hall and Dr. Reistroffer I was having headaches daily. Along with severe back pain, knee pain, and hip pain. I am only 32 and knew that this was not normal. I now have no headaches, no hip pain, no knee pain, and little to almost no back pain. I thank the Lord for these two they are wonderful doctors, and what makes it even better is the wonderful staff they have. When you walk in you feel right at home.
- This Place Has Been An Absolute God Send To Me! 🙂
April 2014 I was involved in a car wreck that left my hip constantly hurting. Thanks to the care of Dr. Reistroffer and Dr. Hall I am able to do things I couldn't do before. I am greatful for them, and not only is the treatment good, but their staff is amazing.
- Awesomeness
Two years ago, I had a hard time just driving for an hour not to mention other activities I could not participate in! Now, I am driving a lot for my job, playing with my niece and I am on my way to losing weight and being able to run (longer than what a 2yo can)! Walked my first 5K in one hour and five minutes!!!!
- Awesome!!
They have the best doctors that I have seen and the staff are very helpful and nice, I'm very thankful that I came here.
These doctors and staff are very welcoming and have helped me with everything I need.
This crew is the BOMB!!! When I came in to DCC, I could barely walk. Here I am, almost a year later and the issues with my back have nearly disappeared, without surgery! Anyone with back issues knows, that is substantial. The staff makes you feel right at home. I love Desoto Chiropractic Center. They are Lifesavers, wild cherry 1's.
- Senior Audio Tech
Dr. Reistroffer and Dr. Hall are the best chiropractors in North MS. They are so friendly and they explain your treatment and the benefits of it in a manner you can understand. The issues I was having we're disabling me of everyday life duties. But after 6 months of treatments I feel the best I have felt since coming back from Iraq over 10 years ago. If you are having any aches, pains, or ailments, my suggestion to you would go see the Dr.'s and wonderful staff at Desoto County Chiropractic, you can't go wrong.
- Best Decision I Have Made For My Health
Staff is so friendly! Dr. Hall has help me so much in feeling better. My neck and lower back have improved as my muscles don't ache as they did two weeks ago. So happy I met Dr. Hall and his staff.
Dr. Hall and Dr. Reistroffer have done wonders on my back. I was hesitant at first about visiting a chiropractor, but after my 1st visit, I am a true believer. They have a very friendly staff and make my visits fast and painless.
best improvement for the long term I've had....Great people ...very professional and courteous..
- Muse
Great people. A very scientific approach to explaining what's wrong.

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