How Chiropractic Helps Alleviate Anxiety During Stressful Times 

 April 22, 2020

By  Drs. David Hall & Troy Reistroffer

anxiety and chiropracticAnxiety is a condition that affects tens of millions of adults in the U.S. year after year. As life becomes increasingly stressful – which is certainly happening right now – anxiety symptoms can become more intense and make it difficult to live your life as you want to. When you are facing such difficulties, it’s natural to look for some relief. Chiropractic may offer a helpful solution for your stress in these hard times.

Ways Chiropractic Can Help with Anxiety

Chiropractic utilizes multiple types of treatment to help you achieve total health for your mind and body. Some of the ways that chiropractic can help with anxiety issues include:

1. Balancing your body to help your mind.

Your mind and body are linked in countless ways. Mental disturbances like anxiety can cause physical symptoms like fatigue, headaches and body aches. It makes sense that physical problems could lead to mental disturbances as well. Being in poor health, lacking mobility and pain can all lead to mental issues like anxiety and depression.

Chiropractic focuses on your body and attempts to create optimal health through adjustments, massage, healthy diet and exercise. By steadily improving the health of your body, chiropractic can naturally alleviate some mental stress in the process.

2. Release helpful hormones through spinal adjustments.

A number of hormones with positive effects are released through spinal adjustments. Oxytocin helps improve feelings of bonding with others. Neurotensin helps alleviate pain caused by stress. Cortisol aids in relieving inflammation pain. All of these are released following a chiropractic adjustment. So, not only do you get your spine aligned and the benefits that alignment brings, but you also get an increase in many of the hormones you need to feel better mentally.

3. Helping with your blood pressure.

Another positive effect of the most common chiropractic treatments, including adjustments and massage therapy, is the lowering of your blood pressure. Studies have found that patients experience a drop in blood pressure they participate in chiropractic care. Symptoms of stress and anxiety include an increase in blood pressure. By getting chiropractic treatment, you can help to reduce your blood pressure and lower your anxiety level.

4. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Although you can stick to chiropractic adjustments when you visit your chiropractor, they actually offer a complete set of holistic health services if you are interested. They can advise you on improvements you can make to your diet and other lifestyle measures that will help improve your long-term health outlook. Anxiety naturally decreases when you feel better about your life – something that is definitely going to happen if you are eating better, sleeping better and living better.

5. Relief from tension.

You might be surprised at just how much tension you carry in your body from day to day. But it will become abundantly clear that you are tense when you lie down on the chiropractor’s table and get an adjustment, then follow up with some massage therapy. You will certainly notice that, yes, your muscles and joints were much stiffer than you realized. All of that tension can exacerbate anxiety symptoms.

A single visit to your chiropractor will help significantly to relieve tension and lower your anxiety levels. And making regular visits to the chiropractor will help to alleviate tension every time you go.

Get Help with Stress from Your Chiropractor

If you are feeling stressed out right now and anxious, you are not alone. We want you to know that we are here to help. Please contact us to schedule an appointment and get the relief you deserve from our chiropractic team.

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Drs. David Hall & Troy Reistroffer

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Drs. David Hall & Troy Reistroffer

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