Spotlight on Vertigo: What It Is (And Isn’t) 

 August 19, 2021

By  Drs. David Hall & Troy Reistroffer

Imagine yourself as an executive with a stack of paperwork to tackle every day. You have meetings, reports and presentations that need your input right away; you’re there for the needed decisions at all times. But what if you suddenly feel like your head or surroundings are spinning in circles? That’s terrible news because vertigo can make your tasks impossible to do. 

Let our vertigo guide help you find the right remedy for what ails you! We will cover everything needed to know about vertigo, so there are no hidden surprises when the time comes for treatment. By reading through our blog, we guarantee you’ll be getting vertigo relief in Southaven before long!


This is Vertigo

Vertigo is a symptom that produces a false sensation that the world is spinning. Similar to dizziness, vertigo causes nausea, loss of balance, and vomiting. However, there is a variation of perceived moments between the people who are experiencing vertigo. Someone would describe it as if they are riding a spinning roller coaster and others feel it as if their body is bending over from side to side.


This is NOT Vertigo

Vertigo is not a type of diagnosis or condition. It’s more like an uncomfortable symptom that you might experience when you have a specific health disorder, making you feel like things are spinning around in front of your eyes.

Vertigo is not acrophobia, the fear of heights. However, vertigo can be triggered by looking down from high places, which gives people the false sense they’re afraid to look over edges because it will make them scared—but really vertigo makes the feeling happen on occasion for some people, so fear doesn’t have much to do with it at all!


Understand the Causes of Vertigo

Some vertigo patients complain of having a problem with their inner ears. However, other factors contribute to the development of vertigo symptoms. As a result, you may experience different and even more severe symptoms than others who have it too!

Factors that can lead to vertigo include:

  • Migraines – severe headaches are known to cause vertigo 
  • BPPV – Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, or BPPV for short, is a condition caused by tiny calcium stones in your inner ear.
  • Labyrinthitis – a rare condition that can be caused by either viral or bacterial infections. If the infection reaches the labyrinth in your ear, you may experience vertigo over time and have to make multiple trips to see an otologist (an ear doctor).
  • Meniere’s Disease – another type of disorder within the ear. A person having this can experience hearing loss and, most of the time, vertigo. 
  • Vestibular Neuronitis – The vestibular nerve is a key component in our sense of balance. When this nerve becomes inflamed, you may get vertigo, causing you to feel dizzy or lightheaded.

Depending on the factors that lead to your vertigo, you may meet additional symptoms, such as tinnitus or ringing in the ears, loss of hearing, and increased body temperature.


How Vertigo Relates to Your Nervous System 

Our nervous system is not just a bundle of wires and cells that control the different functions in our body. It also plays a vital role in how we experience things, such as vertigo episodes.

For example, when there are injuries to any part of your nervous system from accidents, this can lead to changes in its own key bodily functions. For instance, your balance might be affected, so you could have symptoms similar to those who suffer vertigo.

Cervical vertigo is a rare but severe ailment that can result from trauma to the head and neck. This type of vertigo affects orientation or balance in people suffering because their head has been either twisted too far or pushed in an awkward position for several hours at a time.

The damage usually occurs after falls, car accidents, sports injuries, and many more. In addition, researchers have found that cervical spine injury leads to changes in how messages between our brain and central nervous system are perceived, causing vertigo symptoms.


Cervical Vertigo Symptoms 

Sudden head and neck movement can trigger an episode of cervical vertigo. We have narrowed down a list of its symptoms for you. 

  • Neck pain
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Balance loss
  • Concentration problems


Ease Your Symptoms with These Simple Tricks

Some patients experience vertigo relief in Southaven without doing anything. However, a huge population of vertigo sufferers complains of experiencing symptoms or recurring episodes for years. Here are some suggested safe and natural options for vertigo relief in Southaven: 

  • Epley Maneuver
  • Doing simple exercises at home
  • Avoiding bending excessively
  • Moving your head carefully when doing some activities
  • Proper stress management
  • Drinking of Gingko Biloba extract 
  • Getting enough amount of sleep
  • Keeping your body hydrated at all times
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol
  • Getting upper cervical chiropractic care


How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Alleviates Vertigo Symptoms

One helpful tip to get vertigo relief in Southaven is getting upper cervical chiropractic care. An upper cervical chiropractor in Southaven can get to the root of your vertigo by correcting the misalignment within your upper cervical spine. 

We can help sort out any misalignment within your upper cervical spine, which can relieve and heal your vertigo problems. It’s time to find some safe and natural ways on easing your vertigo symptoms without sacrificing quality care. Our upper cervical chiropractic service may be one way worth considering! Schedule a consultation with us and take the first step towards vertigo relief in Southaven. 


To schedule a consultation in our Southaven office call (662) 393-4848, or just click the button below.

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Drs. David Hall & Troy Reistroffer

Our philosophy is that the nervous system controls and coordinates every organ and cell in the body. Our purpose is to educate and lead patients toward better health through the natural healing process. When you're ready to see the difference Upper Cervical Chiropractic can make to your overall wellbeing, give us a call at (662) 393-4848. We're here to serve you!

Drs. David Hall & Troy Reistroffer

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